Training Programs


A fun-filled, activity based hands on experiential learning program designed for the age groups of 6-20 years, to help them develop skills required for life and equip them for the world outside in the years to come. The program is run at Government schools through support extended by various individuals & companies who wish to support the cause of transformation.


AKME is a training program designed for young adults in the age group of 20-25 years of age to equip them with skills required to become successful professionals in today’s competitive corporate world. The program equips students with skill sets on how they can create a brand of themselves and become successful individuals in the years to come.

The program is designed such that it works as a collaborative model between colleges, corporates and students. The students are provided hands-on experience with companies that they may be aspiring as their future employers. Companies have an access to the students well ahead of hiring them, by way of projects assigned to the students. This helps the company test their knowledge levels and aptitude of the student whom they wish to hire.


Today most companies realize that employees are their best assets .ACE is an open-ended product designed for the corporate to help them achieve their organizational goals, by improving employee satisfaction index through various employee engagement programs.
We also collaborate with the corporate and seek their active co-operation and participation in various CSR initiatives